Reviewed: The Hand Cream That Has SAVED Me This Winter

As beauty editors, we get bombarded with a ton of new products every day (we know—tough life). “Reviewed” is a new series where we report on some of the best products we’ve tried. Whether it’s a drugstore lipstick that lasted all day, or a hand cream that saved us this winter, you’ll find all of our favorites in this column. Enjoy!

I don’t know if chronic dry hand is a thing, but if it is I have it. As such, I have a lot of hand lotions. When Jane Iredale’s HandDrink Hand Cream ($29) landed at my desk several weeks ago, I was more than happy to add another to my collection, especially since I’m a big fan of the brand’s iconic Lip Drink ($15). The other alluring factor, apart from the name, that caught my eye was the “SPF 15” printed at the bottom of the tube. Without actually researching this figure, I’m going to say that for every 20 hand creams you come across, one has SPF. Considering the fact that your hands show signs of aging faster than nearly every other body (except your eyes), I take issue with this made-up statistic. Jane Iredale’s first venture into hand care offers all of the same brightening, rejuvenating, and hydrating benefits of any other hand cream, plus sun protection. After one use, I quickly discovered the moisturizer’s organic rose essential oil smells as good as it feels. My hands (and cuticles) literally drink it up (please excuse the obvious pun). And it passes the ultimate test of quick absorption—no greasy hands.   

Do you have a favorite cream? Does it have SPF?