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Brooklyn, NY


  • SUNY Buffalo


  • Fashion
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Jamie launched "The Real Girl Project," a budget-and-body-friendly fashion blog, in 2012. That blog eventually landed her an internship on the style team at HuffPost, where she spent the following seven years writing market roundups, personal essays, breaking fashion news, celebrity interviews, and more. In May 2020 she launched "Calls with Nana," a short-form cartoon based on phone calls with her grandmother during the pandemic. In July 2022 she started documenting her debt payoff journey on TikTok. Since then she has been interviewed by Fortune Magazine, ABC News, and the podcast Terrible, Thanks for Asking. She hopes to give a relatable and humorous approach to being in and paying off debt to her now nearly 20,000 followers.


Jamie graduated from SUNY Buffalo.

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