Exclusive: Jamie Chung's Secret Drink for Beating Bloat Is Delightfully Easy

Most alumni of MTV's Real World quickly retreated out of the spotlight and back into, well, actual reality. Then there's the cast member who became a WWE wrestler, the one who is now the Republican Wisconsin state representative, and another who is a successful comic writer. But we'd argue that out of all alums, the one who catapulted herself into the most widely recognized position is actress Jamie Chung. So much, in fact, that we often forget she had a stint on San Diego's season and the spinoff series The Inferno II (they're both, by no coincidence, buried deep within her IMDB page). Since then, she's appeared in numerous television shows and movies, the most recent being The Gifted, a show based off of Marvel's X-Men properties, on which she plays Blink, a mutant superhero.

Chung has had to physically train for the role, which sounds daunting when you're playing a paladin who fought The Hulk in the comic realm, but Chung's well-acquainted with fitness and meets the challenge with avidity. In fact, she even gave off this same air of confidence at a recent run-in we had with the actress at Vita Coco's Pop Shop in NYC, floating between guests in a red power suit, cape presumably tucked underneath. Intrigued by her exercise plan fit for a heroine, we chatted with Chung to find out exactly how she stays in shape (spoiler: a genius de-bloating tea is involved).

Next up, take a look at Chung's perfect cat-eye trick.