Makeup Artist Jaleesa Jaikaran Shares Her Self-Care Sunday Routine

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Welcome to New Beginnings, a series about making room for self-care in your evening and morning routines. In partnership with Estée Lauder, Byrdie is talking to tastemakers about the skincare goals they set for the year—and the rituals making those resolutions a reality. 

For makeup artist and content creator Jaleesa Jaikaran, Sundays are all about self-care. That can take the form of listening to a special playlist, setting aside some time to journal, or going through her skincare routine. The exact regimen depends on how much makeup she applied for the day, but the evening routine always starts with a double-cleanse, followed by the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum. When she wakes up the following morning, her skin feels fresh and plump and looks radiant, which gives her a head-start on the day. Jaikaran has found that investing a little time in self-care benefits everything else you do during the course of the day. Plus, it’s a simple enough process that it doesn’t need to be limited to Sundays.  

EL Advanced Night Repair
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