Exclusive: Why Jaime King Doesn’t Believe in Dieting

Jaime King—she of long limbs and sleek physique—doesn’t like the word “diet.” “Why diet?” she asked, when we caught up with her at the Birchbox Road Trip stop at The Grove in LA. ’“Eat! I love to eat. I don’t believe in depriving myself.” Coming from a leggy model, this sort of response might warrant an incredulous eye roll. Coming from a leggy model who is also a mother of two, working actress (King stars in CW’s Hart of Dixie and the newly-released Barely Lethal), and frequent creative collaborator (check out her new Juno Lucina jewelry line for some sparkly eye candy), it feels more like subtle encouragement. If King thinks there are more important things to focus on than obsessing over her diet (or lack thereof), shouldn’t we all? (Her favorite spot to grab a bite in LA is Mozza Pizzeria, in case you were wondering.) King, who stayed slim during her two pregnancies, is equally vocal about Hollywood’s stigma towards new mothers and their bodies. “It’s insane,” she says. “Everyone should go at their own rate, so they feel comfortable with themselves.”

As a new mother of two herself—her son Leo Thames was born in July of this year and James Knight born in 2013— we had to ask: how does she juggle it all? Or rather, how does she juggle it all and still stay healthy? She let us in on her little secret: Paleta. “It’s this organic food delivery service,” she says. “That’s actually where I get all my meals from. It’s local and organic, and it’s really wonderful because they make food for all of my family. It makes it so much easier for me.”

To get her exercise in, King swears by the model-favorite workout, Ballet Beautiful. “I always feel so revitalized and energized after,” she says. “I like working out with my friends, too. It’s a good way to stay motivated, have fun, and catch up.” (We like to imagine her stretching gracefully with her bestie and godmother to Leo Thames, Taylor Swift). When it comes to her secret to living a healthy, fruitful, balanced life, her mantra is simple: take care of yourself. “It’s the best advice I’ve gotten,” she says. “Once you take care of yourself, you can do everything else.”

King told us she doesn’t leave the house without applying Skinceuticals’ Daily Sun Defense ($38)—find out more of her beauty essentials here.

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