Jaime King's Makeup Line Is Here—and You're Going to Want Everything

Model and actress Jaime King has teamed up with ColourPop to launch an exclusive 12-piece collection of eye shadows, highlighters, lipsticks, lipliners, and even a first-ever contour and highlight stick. The products will be sold exclusively on ColourPop.com on March 24. Get your wallets ready! [ColourPop]

Cupcakes and Cashmere for Formula X has arrived! The exclusive collection features three colors: Latte Run, a timeless nude; Haute Sauce, a bright orange-red; and Peach Tea, a pastel orange. Don’t wait too long to buy your polish—the limited-edition shades are only available for a short time. [Sephora]

A “smart” sports bra now exists, and it monitors your heart rate, breathing, and even the number of calories burned. But that’s not all: The bra can even “talk.” [PureWow]

Hayley Williams, lead singer of Paramore, is launching her own line of hair dye, called Good Dye Young. The whole line is vegan and cruelty-free—go ahead, let out your inner rock star. [Nylon]

We like to think we’ve seen it all when it comes to beauty products—it is our job after all. Every so often a product comes along, however, that leaves us stunned. In this case, it’s a flatiron… that you put in the freezer. [InStyle]

Body wash is shower staple. Whether it’s a bar or in liquid form, we couldn’t imagine not using it in our routine—but would you use it on your face? One woman ditched her body wash for facial cleanser, and you’ll never believer her results. [SheFinds]

After a tough workout, it is easy to just grab whatever is convenient—which doesn’t always mean that it’s healthy. Nutritionists weighed in on the best post-workout foods and when to eat them.  [The Huffington Post]

Having pesky skin issues that just don’t seem to go away? Try a skin fast. This means giving your skin a break from all products (including your beloved cleansers and serums). [PureWow]

Drawing a perfectly straight line with eyeliner is tricky, even after spending countless hours online watching tutorials. Consider this your must-have guide for getting the perfect cat eye on your first try. [Makeup.com]

Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, and Audrey Hepburn are known for being incredibly talented and oh so glamorous. Find out some of the beauty secrets of Old Hollywood’s greatest actresses. [The Huffington Post]

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