This Is a Great Alternative to Derma-Rolling If You're Not Into Needles

While I'm awaiting my status as the official micro-needling spokesperson at this point, oddly enough, tiny needles aren't the first thing I ever rolled onto my face. Months before discovering the practice I now credit for plumping my lips and removing my under-eye bags, my favorite NYC skincare guru, Ling Chan of Ling Skincare, gave me a jade tool that she swore would brighten my complexion, chase away fine lines, and even give my mood a boost. Admittedly smitten with the mere idea of rolling a beautiful gemstone on my face, I opted to give it a try. More than two years later, jade rolling remains one of my most treasured morning rituals—and I'm stoked to see that many other beauty fans are following suit.

Of course, two years is hardly a blip in the scope of this practice's centuries-long history. "Using the power of jade to draw out negative chi has been considered a long-guarded treasure by Chinese royalties," says Chang. And apart from the more spiritual act of dispelling bad energy, jade rolling has many practical uses as a form of facial massage. Watch our New and Now video below to see how you can benefit from adopting jade rolling into your skincare routine—and keep scrolling to get all the little details.