Why the YouTuber Who Didn't Like Kylie's Lip Kit Now Loves The Kyshadow Palette

While most of us have yet to get our hands on Kylie Jenner's latest launch, YouTube makeup star Jaclyn Hill already has a full review of the Bronze Kyshadow Palette ($42). In a nearly 19-minute video, Hill, who's known for her brutally honest reviews, talks all about the palette, from the packaging to the formula. 

Jaclyn began her in-depth review by reminding viewers that she was not a fan of Kylie's Lip Kits, and Glosses. "I was honest with you guys about her liquid lipsticks. I thought they were inconsistent and a little dry. I talked about the glosses having a really weird smell," she says. But when it came to the Kyshadow Bronze Palette, Hill says she's a convert.

The makeup artist goes through each shade in the palette and admits to being a huge fan of the matte and shimmery shadows. Her absolute favorite part is the packaging, and her only piece of criticism is that she wishes the shimmer colors had more glitter in them, but that is just her personal preference. Overall, Jaclyn loved it and recommended it to anyone looking for an everyday look. "My overall takeaway from this palette is that if you are looking for an everyday neutral, basic palette that applies easily, this would be the palette for you," she says.

Check out the full review below, and keep scrolling to shop Jaclyn's latest Becca Cosmetics collaboration.


Jaclyn Hill

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