Jaclyn Hill’s New Prep and Set Collection Gave Our Skin a Filter-Free Glow

We tried the “behind-the-scenes” line of primers, powders, and more.

Jaclyn Cosmetics


When Jaclyn Hill decided to overhaul her eponymous makeup line, the professional makeup artist was determined to translate her passion for beauty into a shoppable collection filled with vanity must-haves.

Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics made its second debut in March 2021 and quickly became a valued contender in the market with high-performing, prestige products. Case in point: We’re told that the brand’s March release of lipsticks, liners, bronzers, and highlighters sold out in certain shades within minutes.

Now, the YouTube star is back with another new collection designed to solve all of our prepping, baking, and setting needs. Hill describes The Prep & Set Collection as the “behind-the-scenes team”—the primers, powders, and setting products that are essential to any smooth makeup application. Keep scrolling to get all the details on the new collection, and read our review of the products.

The New Collection

In an Instagram tutorial, Hill explained that she wanted to create a product that’s specifically designed to negate the dryness and crepiness under her eyes. The result? A hydrating under-eye primer infused with shea butter to moisturize and smooth the area before makeup. “This is going to become such a staple in your routine,” said Hill of the Prep Starter Hydrating Under Eye Primer ($24). 

The silky water-based primer also offers skin-perfecting and blurring effects, and as an added bonus, it features a unique cooling tip that helps to de-puff and soothe. Hill likes to keep the primer in the refrigerator overnight: “It’s a great way to start the makeup process,” she shared in a press release.

Prep Starter Hydrating Under Eye Primer
Jaclyn Cosmetics Prep Starter Hydrating Under Eye Primer $24.00

Understanding that your face isn't a single color, Hill created the Face It All Brightening & Setting Palette ($39) with versatile shades to brighten and set your complexion. The pressed powders are infused with smoothing banana flower powder to create a filtered effect. Hill recommends using the palette to color-correct dullness, brighten the center of the face, and set cream contour or bronzer.

Face It All Brightening & Setting Palette
Jaclyn Cosmetics Face It All Brightening & Setting Palette $39.00

Next up is the Bake & Brighten Under Eye Powder ($29), which Hill uses for the one makeup step she “cannot skip”: baking her face. The lightweight powder is designed to counteract under-eye imperfections and set concealer without creasing for a “three-dimensional look.”

Unlike the pressed powders in the palette, Hill says these loose powders offer “way more pigment and way more coverage” and also lock in moisture for a creamy—and not mattifying—finish. Though the powder was developed for the eyes, Hill insists that it works great "all over the face."

Bake & Brighten Under Eye Powder
Jaclyn Hill Bake & Brighten Under Eye Powder $29.00

Finally, Hill sets her complexion with the Last Act Translucent Setting Powder ($28). The silky-smooth pressed powder is infused with pearl pigments for a soft, blurring effect that sweeps over makeup without disturbing all your hard work.

Hill says that in addition to its makeup-setting benefits, the powder can also be used to fix any makeup mishaps (like too much blush or bronzer) and diffuse any harsh lines.

Last Act Translucent Setting Powder
Jaclyn Hill Last Act Translucent Setting Powder $28.00

The Reviews

Emerald Elitou, News Writer

Emerald After Jaclyn Cosmetics
Courtesy of AE Photos

As the outside slowly begins to open back up, I’ve found myself on a constant voyage to find beauty products that will make me look sunkissed and radiant. Like most people, lack of vacation has left me in desperate need of a tan—or bronzer. 

The news of Jaclyn Cosmetics’s latest products for a flawless complexion instantly piqued my interest. Eager to try the new goodies, I started my morning makeup routine by prepping my skin with moisturizer. To ensure my eyes were makeup-ready, I used the brand’s Prep Starter Hydrating Under Eye Primer and found that my eyes were refreshingly responsive to the silky water-based primer.

After letting the primer settle for roughly an hour, I continued my makeup process by layering the orange cream and caramel colors from the Face It All Brightening & Setting Palette under my eyes to correct, brighten, and set the concealer. To my surprise, the addition of banana flower in the powder paid off. Not only did it blur the stubborn darkness from a sleepless night, but it also managed to smooth out any unwanted texture for a desirable soft-focus effect. 

Next, I pressed the Last Act Translucent Setting Powder into my skin to set my entire face. Although the setting powder promises not to dull your shine, the finish may appear matte to someone without experience using a setting powder. However, I did enjoy the delicate shimmer offered by the pearl-infused formula. 

I baked my jawline with the Bake & Brighten Under Eye Powder for a final boost to complete my look. The results of the lightweight powder were phenomenal in covering up imperfections and setting my concealer without creasing. Cheers to an airbrushed look without all the editing time! 

Karli Bendlin, Senior Editor

Karli Bendlin

Karli Bendlin

I’ll admit that when I first heard about the new Jaclyn Hill collection, it didn’t instantly shoot to the top of my need-to-have-it list. I use powder occasionally, but it isn’t an everyday staple, and I was a little skeptical whether I really needed a specific primer for my under-eyes. 

It wasn’t until I saw Jaclyn’s tutorial on Instagram that I immediately wanted to get my hands on the products, including the very primer I was initially skeptical of. Jaclyn explained in her video that she created the hydrating primer because she struggles with dry, crepey under-eyes—an issue that has dashed my hopes of smooth makeup for years. I’ve tried layering on eye cream and primers before, but inevitably my concealer almost always ends up looking patchy. 

Unlike eye cream, however, the Prep Starter Hydrating Under Eye Primer is designed specifically to be layered under makeup. When I tried it out myself, applying it with the cooling metal tip and then tapping it in with my fingers, I was beyond impressed at how smoothly my concealer blended in. 

However, the real superstar of the collection for me is the Face It All Brightening & Setting Palette. I layered two of the powder shades from the palette over my concealer, and it instantly gave my skin the airbrushed effect that Jaclyn promised in her tutorial. The powders are so creamy and lush, and they blend in so naturally that they’re almost undetectable. All that’s left behind is a soft, filter-esque glow—one of my fellow Byrdie editors even commented that I looked like a “glowing angel” in a Zoom call.

I do wish I had heeded Jaclyn’s advice to get a shade lighter than you normally would in the palette since it’s designed to be brightening rather than match your skin tone. I chose the Light to Medium palette, but the Fair to Light would probably give my skin an even brighter glow.

To finish off, I used the Last Act Translucent Setting Powder as the final step of my makeup. I love the subtle blurring effect it had on my complexion, pulling all of my makeup together without changing the tone of everything I had already applied. Overall, the entire collection has earned a spot in my permanent makeup routine.

The Prep & Set collection is available at JaclynCosmetics.com now and in Ulta stores on May 30.

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