J.Lo Show Us How to Make Money Piece Highlights Wearable


J Lo


Jennifer Lopez is the queen of covetable nail designs, and we’ve been waxing poetic about her parade of chic manis that work well on anybody. Yet, today we’re taking the conversation to another beauty department where J.Lo shines—no, it’s not her skin (although she is back on her J.Lo Glow grind), but rather her hair. Lately, Jennifer Lopez has been cracking the code on how to make the divisive money piece hair trend wearable for anyone.

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J.Lo appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote her new Amazon Original movie, Shotgun Wedding. She arrived at the studio wearing a white ruffle-trimmed halter jumpsuit under a white floor-length coat with gold buttons and a structured collar. She accessorizes the look with white platform sandals, a white clutch, and a chunky baby pink ring to add color to her monochromatic look. Her glam was similar to the looks we’ve seen on J.Lo in the past, like a glossy pink lip, a graphic liner, and, obviously, a glow that shone to the heavens.

Her hair has been piquing our interest lately, as the star wore her long waves parted down the middle with a ton of volume at her roots. Her hairstylist, Andrew Fitzsimons, created just the right amount of tousled structure by pinning her hair back into a half-up half-down style. However, the real kicker of this look is J.Lo’s money piece highlights that are just a few shades lighter than her caramel base color.

If you've been on the internet at all in the past few years, you probably know about money piece hair’s reign on TikTok. The coloring technique includes a few face-framing pieces (typically along the hairline) dyed a completely different color from the rest of the hair, creating a stark contrast that leans towards an edgier vibe. The technique is common to add funky colors like blue, pink, or firetruck red to their hair, and many have even been hopping onto the money piece trend to add eye-catching bright blonde streaks.

J.Lo, on the other hand, chose a color that almost doesn’t seem noticeable upon initial inspection. Her money piece highlights have butterscotch tones that add brightness and depth to her caramel hair while simultaneously blending in with her overall color. It’s different from and far subtler than what we’ve seen on Gen Z’ers and makes the case that pretty much anyone can hop onto the money piece trend. 

Money piece hair doesn’t have to have such harsh contrasts that make you want to forgo the trend altogether—Jennifer Lopez is living proof. 

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