J.Lo Put a Floral Spin on the Milk Bath Nail Trend

Yes, florals for spring.

Jennifer Lopez


You never really know what you're going to get out of Jennifer Lopez's manicures other than the fact that they'll always look stunning. The star has tried everything in recent months, from an elegantly simplistic lip gloss manicure to a more out-there oceanic jelly manicure featuring vibrant colors and dimension. While most manicure trends make it seem like you'll have to pick between simple and intricate nail art, J.Lo's latest floral milk bath mani proves you can actually have it all.

On April 2, J.Lo's longtime manicurist, Tom Bachik, shared a photo of J.Lo wearing a white graphic top and a simple blurred pink lip. She’s not wearing any jewelry but rather lets her gorgeous floral milk bath manicure shine on its own. Bachik has kept her nails at the usual medium length he creates for her, and then filed them into a round shape. He created a "milk bath" base with a sheer baby pink nail polish painted onto the entire nailbed and then hand-painted yellow, fuchsia, orange, and red flowers onto each nail. Though the photo is a little blurry, we can still see all of Bachik's attention to detail—like shading between the petals and texture in the flowers's pistils.

J.Lo’s floral milk bath manicure is essentially the antithesis to Selena Gomez’s vintage floral nails that Bachik also recently created with cool, winter-toned flowers against a black nail polish base. However, both are similar in the fact that they are refreshing works of art—as we continue to favor simple manicures like the "vanilla" French manicure, the lip gloss manicure, and, obviously, the milk bath manicure, J.Lo's nails offer colorful details that spruce up the minimalist base. Plus, the bright colors are perfect for the warm weather ahead.

Both J.Lo and Gomez's manicures prove that the trends are (maybe predictably) swaying towards florals this spring—insert Miranda Priestly's quote about florals being groundbreaking—but the trends are also headed towards more spruced-up minimalism. Kourtney Kardashian Barker recently wore a similar cherry milk bath manicure, which features hand-drawn cherries floating on a milk bath base, and Hailey Bieber upped the ante on her typically pastel glazed manicure with her hot pink “Barbie” and striking yellow “lemon” renditions. As the winter dies out, the trends are still holding onto the minimalist vibes of the milky and glossy manicures that reigned supreme at the start this year, but with added complexities that make them a little livelier for the warmer weather.

Given that this manicure is hand-drawn, it'll be best to consult a professional nail artist to recreate this look. If you are looking for a more DIY approach, though, adding floral nail decals to a milk bath manicure base is your way in. And you don't have to stop there: rhinestones are making their way onto French manicures, and textured nail art is basically coming for all glazed nails, so have fun with it, and use any manicure base that sparks joy in you when recreating J.Lo's spring-ready manicure.

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