The Best-Kept Luxury Secret is No Longer Members Only

Meet Italic, direct-to-consumer fashion done right.



Picture this: A brand that goes straight to the mill Chanel has worked with for decades or the factory where Prada manufactures some of their most beloved styles. This brand creates a label-free version at identical quality in modern, covetable designs. The result is luxury goods at an accessible price point, thanks to the innovation of Italic.

Since its inception in 2018, a membership fee from shoppers buoyed the business, which was taking losses in almost every category in order to offer competitive pricing. The buzzy, under-the-radar brand was a fashion confidential—only for the most in the know who were in the market for something of great quality they could actually afford. But six hundred products in dozens of categories later, things have changed at Italic.

Most notably, the brand’s longtime membership fee is no longer. Thanks to successful relationships with manufacturers and loyal customers with high order volumes, Italic has shifted from a buzzy direct-to-consumer brand with massive potential to an accessible and elevated one stop shop.

“Ultimately, opening Italic benefits everyone. Customers can shop the same high-quality products at the same great prices, without a membership fee," Italic founder, Jeremy Cai, tells Byrdie. "Members who choose to upgrade to Italic Bold will earn more, save more, and get more out of their Italic experience."

The mission of Italic, “to enable everyone to live well,” comes to life in the brand’s vast array of offerings. Cookware created in the same factories as All-Clad sits next to fine jewelry designed by Cartier alums. Shoppers concerned with chic silhouettes, simple lines, and above all, breathtaking quality, can easily imagine outfitting their entire lives in Italic. And it’s all thanks to an open marketplace.

“The open marketplace will allow us to accelerate the expansion of our fast-growing product assortment while also improving the technology, fulfillment network, and analytics we provide our manufacturers,” explains Cai. “The better infrastructure enables us to expand into product lines we previously couldn't, including beauty, food and beverage, fitness, and more.”

If you’re in the market for an upgrade, or simply looking to level up your gifting this season without maxing out your budget, welcome to Italic. Read on to discover 10 of our favorite offerings from the “if you know, you know” marketplace, where high quality and low prices are not mutually exclusive.

Italic The Original Soy Candle $16.00

To make a lowbrow comparison, Italic's soy candle has a similar business model to the Costco hot dog. Its impossibly low price has created a cult-following around the product. I should know, I have one burning next to me as I write this.

Italic Bianca Leather Block Heel Boot $140.00

Offered in black and white, these leather boots are a timeless investment for seasons to come. Not to namedrop, but they're made in Italy at a manufacturer that's worked with Chanel and Prada.

Italic Teddy Zip-Up Jacket $65.00

Ultra-soft with sophisticated detailing, like a high neck and wide sleeves, this jacket is punching above its weight when it comes to value. Think of it as the perfect gift for the little sister who has already stolen from the rest of your closet.

Italic Diamond Pavé Bar Bracelet $195.00

Equally brilliant on its own or as a part of a stack, this subtle bracelet features a solid 14K gold chain. Part of Italic's latest foray into fine jewelry, the piece is part of a collection that features quiet designs with classic details.

Italic Airy Cashmere Puff Sleeve Cardigan $80.00

Darling as a top, cozy as a layer, this cardigan is checking all the boxes, especially at a less-than-$100 price point. Italic's cashmere collection is not to be overlooked, especially for relatives who refuse anything outside of the luxe material.

Biker Short
Italic Aura High Rise Biker Short 7" $28.00

Manufactured in the same mill as Alo Yoga, these bike shorts are ideal for those last days of autumn when bare legs still feel plausible. Plus, at half the price of most offerings, they're affordable for those reluctantly partaking in the bike short trend.

Italic Celle Cat Eye Acetate Sunglasses $30.00

For $30, these sunglasses feel ten times worth their asking price. Outfitted in a hardshell case, they're the answer to the age-old conundrum of cheap, lost sunglasses.

Bucket Bag
Italic Phoebe Leather Bucket Bag $125.00

Created at Tannerie, a mecca for high-end designers and the creation of their leather goods, this bag isn't far off from the name brands that use the same facilities. The shape feels fresh and grown up, a feat for the evergreen bucket bag.

Italic Women's Cotton Poplin Pajama Set $55.00

There's hardly a person whose pajamas aren't due for an upgrade. Replace your oversized T-shirt from undergrad with this polished set in a calming blue.

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