The Italian Bob Is the Retro Take on the Season's Coolest Cut

Ciao, bella.

Simona Tabasco as Lucia in The White Lotus with an Italian Bob haircut


The White Lotus effect is real, and the show's cast members are staying booked and busy as of late, from fashion show appearances to Super Bowl commercials. Now, the show is making its way to our hair, with the "Italian bob." The cut is one of the biggest up-and-coming haircut trends of 2023, and we have a feeling it was partially inspired by the glamorous Sicilian crew, especially the chic bob sported by ringleader Lucia and the wavy soft bob on Aubrey Plaza’s Harper.

When you think Italy, you probably think of warm, citrus-scented breezes, Aperol spritzes and brightly colored, retro-inspired sundresses and shades—Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, Gwyneth Paltrow in The Talented Mr. Ripley, Monica Vitti in L’Avventura. There’s a carefree sexiness and warmth to these sunny looks, and you can easily channel it with just a few strategic snips. It’s time to say "Ciao!” to the Italian bob—here's everything you need to know.

What Is an Italian Bob?

If short hair is your thing, you’ve probably already tried your hand (or is it hair?) at the French bob, a short and sweet ‘20s-inspired blunt cut that hits right above your jawbone. The French bob has enjoyed plenty of time in the spotlight over the past few years, but the Italian bob is poised to take over—and here’s why.

The Italian bob has a fresh, vibrant ‘60s allure thanks to its blunt, chunky ends that add weight without making the hair feel heavy. Kaia Gerber has sported the cut, as has Elizabeth Olsen—and you can too, whether you’re a seasoned short hair professional or just thinking about letting go of length. “I think [it’s the perfect cut] because it can be worn up or down, which is rare for most bobs,”  explains Tom Connell, Davines Hair Art Director. “Plus, it’s a taste of a shorter haircut without losing vast amounts of length.” 

What makes the Italian bob different from its bob siblings and cousins, like le French bob and the bixie? The cut gives you more styling versatility and movement, making it perfect for someone who likes to change up their style from day to day instead of sticking to a signature look—not to mention anyone who likes short hair but wants the ability to pull it up in a chic twist or a ponytail on the regular. (Hello, sticky days of summer.) “Its difference lies in that it grazes the neck with a chunky line but has internal texture throughout,” says Connell. “This means that when the hair is cut with no particular parting, it can be flipped and moved around from one side to the other, looking slightly different each time.” 

How to Get an Italian Bob

While anyone can rock an Italian bob, Connell says it’s best for those with a slightly wavy texture. “The kick at the perimeter is what gives this bob its chicness, and a slight wave would help set that off nicely,” he shares. When you’re in the salon chair, Connell recommends asking for an “Italian neck-grazing bob with no set parting” for maximum movement and styling versatility.

With its face-hugging shape and easygoing, free-spirited texture, the Italian bob is a (Sicilian) breeze to style. If you prefer to blowdry your hair, Connell recommends prepping with Davines’ This is a Blow Dry Primer ($35) as a base, then finger drying or using a medium natural bristle brush, depending on your daily frizz level. He advises drying a bend into the ends with your dryer and finishing with a frizz-smoothing serum like Davines’ This is an Invisible Serum ($24) to enhance your natural texture. 

The Italian bob also plays well with air dry creams and salt sprays for a beachy vibe, and can be pinned up in curls for a Marilyn Monroe or Sophia Loren glam vintage bob moment. You don’t have to be setting off on an Italian summer vacation, but you can certainly look the part.

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