10 Italian Skincare Brands to Keep on Your Radar

From Palermo Body to Taba Skincare.

Espressoh Oil to milk cleanser


We all can agree Italians have nailed the art of expressing personal style through fashion, and they're no strangers to the beauty world either. The “Made in Italy” classification carries serious weight, whether it’s referring to their impeccably designed clothes or carefully crafted skincare products. 

Over the last few years, the beauty industry has become filled with brands inspired by the skincare and makeup practices of various countries including Italy. There are quite a few Italian beauty companies that have become key players in the industry, drawing upon their rich heritage to create coveted products. Ahead, get to know the 10 Italian brands we can't stop raving about. 

Palermo Body 

Founded by Jessica Morrelli in 2008, Palermo Body is fully inspired by Sicilian heritage. Morrelli's Nonna Vincenza prioritized natural holistic living and taught her how to use homemade remedies in her beauty routine. Through Palermo Body, Morelli creates consciously formulated skincare products with a profound respect for the environment. All of the brand's products are made by hand in small batches in Brooklyn.

Furtuna Skin 

Furtuna Skin has already become a household name within the beauty world. This clean beauty brand has a roster of best-selling products that are all powered by ingredients grown on their 800-acre Sicilian estate. If that wasn't impressive enough, Furtuna Skin recently collaborated with Moschino Creative Director, Jeremy Scott, on a special skincare collection.


EspressOh aims to bring the simplicity of Italian flair to beauty and fashion. This Italian brand has mastered the art of no-makeup makeup, asserting themselves as experts on how to blend science and allure into products. EspressOh recently delved into the skincare game with its oil-to-milk cleanser and is poised to drop more cult classic products in the future.


Milan is the capital of all things glamorous in Italy. It's also where Adesso (which means "now") was founded. The brand—which is the brainchild of three sisters— offers effective natural products that encourage those with busy lifestyles to slow down and practice self-care. 

Florena Fermented Skincare

If you've been searching for a vegan Italian skincare brand, look no further. Florena offers formulas that are nearly 100% natural. Not to mention, all of their jars and bottles (excluding only their caps) are made from 100%-recycled plastic. Their paper packaging is also sustainable, being made up of at least 75%-recycled paper.

Zago Milano

This Milanese brand builds products around the concept of "undermakeup," a phrase they coined to reflect the importance of incorporating skincare into one's beauty routine. An Italian brand through and through, Zago Milano also prioritizes the art of multitasking in all of its products.

Borghese Roma

Self-care is at the core of Borghese Roma. The brand promises to provide you with indulgent experiences at home through its expertly crafted products. Borghese Roma first hit the market with its beloved Borghese Fango Active Mud Mask in 1985. Over the past 37 years, the brand has continued to debut best-selling products like the Crema Saponetta Creme Cleanser.

Acqua alle Rose

Acqua alle Rose has been a staple for Firenze women for over 150 years. Their century-old formulas keep your skin dewy and are a favorite of beauty lovers worldwide. In recent years, they've begun offering a broader product selection that ties into more current skincare trends.

Conero Beauty

Hailing from the Marche region, this up-and-coming skincare brand couldn't be more in touch with its natural roots. The main ingredient in their products is the paccasasso del conero, a sea-based plant rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, and known for its regenerative properties.

Taba Skincare

Taba Skincare combines several skincare niches—it's vegan, infused with CBD, and made in Italy. This brand's moniker draws inspiration from the Yoruba (an ethnic group in Africa) word "Taba," which translates to "cannabis" in English. The name is also an acronym that lays out the brand's philosophy: Treatment, All Skin Types, Botanicals, Advanced.

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