How Real Italian Girls Get Their Bronzy Summer Skin

There’s something enigmatic about Italian women and their flawlessly sun-kissed skin that we Americans just don’t naturally possess. Like the French and their effortless, envy-inducing style, Italian women share a certain je ne sais quoi (or non so che, as it were) when it comes to skincare. One look at their gorgeous, gleaming complexions and you’d swear they just stepped off the dock from a luxe vacation in Capri.

For the rest of us who aren’t as genetically gifted, this leaves us wondering what, if anything, these beautiful women do to maintain their glowing, perfectly tanned skin? There has to be a secret! After all, Sophia Loren famously used tomato purée as a DIY mask. Is this the mysterious wisdom to Italian beauty? Here we’ve rounded up the best suncare and skincare tips from real Italian women (as a bonus, none of them involve smearing tomato on your face).

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