Heads-Up: You'll (Finally) Be Able to Shop IT Cosmetics at Sephora

There’s nothing better than waking up on a beautiful morning, swiping on a face mask (today it’s Fig + Yarrow French Green Clay Mask, $23), pouring yourself a cup of coffee, and learning that Sephora is welcoming yet another beauty brand into its iconic retail space. According to Sephora’s Instagram story, IT Cosmetics will be available at Sephora locations nationwide sometime around mid-September.

The brand is the brainchild of Jamie Kern Lima, a former news anchor who couldn't find effective makeup that could stand up to HD television cameras. “You have to have really great makeup or it doesn’t look so good [on camera],” she told Allure. “I have heredity rosacea and sparse eyebrows, so I used to spend most of my paycheck on beauty products, testing everything out there, and trying to find products that didn’t look like makeup [on screen]. But I could never find products that really worked for me.”

So she took matters into her own hands, developing new formulas that were high-coverage and long-lasting yet natural enough for daytime wear. And people love it; in 2016 the brand was acquired by L’Oréal for a cool $1.2 billion. Along with almost every makeup product you can think of, IT Cosmetics also makes luxe skincare essentials like cleanser, anti-aging moisturizer, and spot treatment. Check out our favorite products, below.

Have you tried IT Cosmetics products? Tell us which ones are your favorite in the comments below! Next up, read about the nine products Byrdie editors won't buy from Sephora (and the seven they will).

Opening Image: Diva in Me