It Took 2 $9 Foundations to Make Issa Rae's Skin Glow to the Gods at the Emmys

The second celebrity makeup artist Joanna Simkin finishes Issa Rae's makeup for the 2018 Emmys, she calls me on the phone to spill every detail. "I'm in a crazy hotel lobby right now," she says. "It's nuts in here. Cara Delevingne just walked by and mooned someone."

As much as I would love to hear more about Simkin's Delevingne derrière sighting, we're on the phone for one reason: to get the 411 on the badass television star's red carpet makeup. Since Insecure premiered on HBO in 2016, Rae has established herself as a complexion icon; every time she walks the red carpet, the internet collectively flips out over her impossibly flawless skin. "Obviously, we know her skin is the centerpiece of her beauty," Simkin says over the phone.

To make Rae's skin look as stunning as ever, Simkin used a very specific and clever combination of three face makeup products—and best of all, they all cost $10 or less. Keep reading to get the deets.