Exclusive: Actress Ariel Mortman Tells Us Her Genius Israeli Skincare Secrets

Ariel Mortman is recovering from the sniffles, so her voice is raspy, but her attitude has never been more chipper. It's not every day that the 22-year-old American-Israeli actress gets to talk about her skincare routine: Media attention is still a novel thing for the star of Netflix’s new quirky teen drama Greenhouse Academy, the American version of a smash-hit Israeli show that premiered last September. Spunky and wide-eyed Mortman, who splits her time between New York City and Tel Aviv, was a natural fit for the lead—and, incidentally, for Byrdie.

Catching someone as gregarious and plucky as Mortman on the precipice of a big Hollywood career is always a pleasure, especially when they're as passionate about skincare as Mortman seems to be. Even while battling a cold, the actress is delighted to tell me all about her international skincare regimen, which involves just a few simple products from Scandinavia, France, and her home country of Israel to keep her breakout-prone skin looking clear and glowy.

Want to know what Netflix’s newest It girl uses to keep her complexion camera-ready? Just keep reading for our conversation with Ariel Mortman.