Isle of Paradise's New Self-Tanning Serum Gave Me Instant Vacation Skin

It's bound to be a TikTok favorite.

Isle of Paradise Hyglo Self-Tan Body Serum

Isle of Paradise

When it comes to my beauty habits, TikTok’s influence knows no bounds. From lip liner to hot rollers, the app has a way of making products I previously overlooked seem like necessities. The most recent category TikTok has convinced me to revisit? Self-tanner.

I’ve dabbled with various self-tanning formulas over the years, but after several mishaps (read: streaky finishes and ruined sheets), I had all but given up the practice for good. Until, that is, I somehow found my way onto self-tanning TikTok. Like many of the platform’s communities, the self-tanning subset is filled with users sharing their game-changing tips, techniques, and most importantly, product recommendations. I was curious about all of it, but one recurring brand piqued my interest the most—the undisputed darling of TanTok, Isle of Paradise.

Founded by celebrity spray tan expert Jules Von Hep, the brand is behind several of the platform's most popular sunless tanners, including their color-correcting Self-Tanning Drops ($29) and their glow-inducing Self-Tanning Butter ($25). “Isle of Paradise has always embodied messages of authenticity and self-love, and I think this is something that the TikTok community really values, resonates with, and encourages,” Von Hep says of the company's TikTok fame.

Hot on the heels of several viral successes, the brand is back with yet another innovative product. The new Hyglo Self-Tan Body Serum ($35), officially launching today, is a cross between a body moisturizer and a self-tanner, and it's bound to be the next TikTok favorite. Below, get all of the exclusive details on the new launch, and read our honest review.

Isle of Paradise Hyglo Self-Tan Serum

Isle of Paradise

Isle of Paradise Hyglo Self-Tan Body Serum

Best For: Body

Key Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, grapefruit oil, avocado oil, ascorbic acid, caffeine

Why We Love It: The hydrating formula gradually tans skin for a natural-looking, sun-kissed glow.

Price: $35

Other Isle of Paradise Products You'll Love: Self-Tanning Drops ($29), Self-Tanning Butter ($25)

The Inspiration

The new Hyglo Self-Tan Body Serum is the sister product of the brand’s existing Hyaluronic Self-Tan Face Serum ($32), which combines the moisturizing powers of a hyaluronic acid serum with the glow-boosting abilities of a self-tanner. The result is a gradual, customizable, and natural-looking tan that never looks like it came from a bottle.

After the success of the face serum, Von Hep knew the brand needed a body version that could deliver the same hydrating glow from the neck down. However, since the skin on our bodies has different needs from the skin on our faces, they made a few key tweaks to the original formula.

Isle of Paradise Hyglo Hyaluronic Acid Self-Tan Body Serum
Isle of Paradise Hyglo Self-Tan Body Serum $35.00

The Formula

“For the Hyglo Self-Tan Body Serum development specifically, we needed it to be easy to use, packed with good-for-you ingredients, ultra-hydrating, quick-drying, and formulated with the perfect amount of gradual glow,” Von Hep tells us of the new product, which took over two years to perfect. The body formula features the same hydrating hyaluronic acid, grapefruit oil, and avocado oil as the face serum, but with a few extra ingredients. The addition of ascorbic acid helps the formula even out skin tone, while caffeine works to subtly tone and firm.

Since the Hyglo Body Serum is a gradual tanner, Von Hep says it can be used daily in place of your regular body moisturizer. “Whether you’re topping up your vacation skin in the summer months or quenching your skin’s thirst in the winter, [it’s] the ultimate body serum for an all-over glow, every day,” he says.

Isle of Paradise Hyglo Hyaluronic Acid Self-Tan Body Serum

Isle of Paradise

How to Use

Since Von Hep is one of the most sought-after celebrity spray tanning experts in the business (his clients include Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, and more), we had to ask him for a few pro tips for applying the new body product. Surprisingly, the key to his signature glow starts long before the self-tan process. “Always remember my number one rule—exfoliate!” he tells us. “Whether you use acids, body brushes, or scrubs, I recommend doing so 24 hours before applying.”

Unlike a lot of other self-tanners on the market, the Hyglo body serum doesn’t require a tanning mitt to apply. Von Hep says to pump the product directly on your skin—he recommends a few pumps per body part—and then rub in as needed. And since Isle of Paradise is all about making the tanning process feel more like self-care, Von Hep also gave us some insight into what makes his own routine more enjoyable.

Woman applying self-tanner

Isle of Paradise

“When I’m applying my self-tan, I like to listen to music that makes me want to dance. Applying self-tan is such an intimate experience, so if I’m going to stare at myself naked in the mirror, I want to feel like I’m having fun,” he says, adding that before he started this ritual, he tended to criticize his appearance while he applied his tanner. “Now, I dance naked in the bathroom whilst massaging Hyglo into my skin, body wobbling like it’s my last day on earth and having fun!”

Our Review

As previously mentioned, I’ve been burned (no pun intended) by sunless tanning before, so I went into testing this product with a hefty dose of skepticism. But to put it simply, the new Hyglo serum is the best self-tanner I’ve ever used. The formula feels more like a gel moisturizer than a traditional tanner, and it absorbs into my skin within seconds (since my least favorite part of the tanning process was always the drying time, this is a big bonus for me).

Plus, unlike other options I’ve tried, it doesn’t leave behind an overpowering scent that lingers all day. In fact, after my first use, I completely forgot I even had the self-tanner on until I went to change my clothes and was shocked by my body’s newly acquired tan. My skin had the bronze glow of someone who had spent eight hours tanning in the South of France, rather than hunched over a laptop in the dead of winter. Consider this skeptic officially converted.

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