Real Talk: Should We All Ditch Dairy?

Between carbohydrates, meats, and dairy, the food pyramid is a highly debated topic. Since we talk carbs all the time, today we’re dishing on dairy. There’s an extensive body of research surrounding the pros and cons of eating dairy. We were feeling a bit scholarly, so we decided to dig in. After sifting through numerous studies—reading about hormones, digestive enzymes, milk, and cheese—we’ve come out the other end of deep dive into the world of dairy a little disillusioned with the nutritional guidelines we’ve come to know as true. (Spoiler alert: Those recommended three servings a day are wreaking havoc on your body.)

What we found about milk, specifically, has us wondering if everything is a lie. We consider ourselves the Got Milk? generation, after all; we grew up being told drinking milk would give us stronger bones (and if people like Mary-Kate and Ashley had milk mustaches, then we'd proudly don ours too). But now we're left wondering whether or not milk is bad for you. We'll share the research with you and allow you to decide for yourself. In the meantime, we'll probably pick up some almond milk just as an option on our next grocery run…

Keep reading to find out the truth about milk and dairy.