But Really Though: How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

One of the oddest debates I've ever had over mimosas at brunch involved the age-old haircare question: How often you should really wash your hair? We all had different answers and were convinced that whatever we learned was the right way. When I took the conversation over to my beauty friends, it got even more confusing, as everyone has been told one thing or another about what exactly to do when it comes to washing your hair every day.

Normally, a quick Google search is the answer to put an end to all debates, but when you search "is it bad to wash your hair every day?" there isn't much to help you either. You either find articles all for washing it every single day or articles listing all the dangers that come with doing so. So which is it? We turned to hairstylist and owner of Gemini 14 Salon Kathy Benghanem and celebrity hairstylist Derek Yuen for their input. Their verdict? It depends.

"Unfortunately there is no set answer for this," says Yuen. "What it comes down to is personal preference, daily habits, hair texture, and scalp health."