This Celebrity Esthetician Actually Wants You to Wear Foundation Every Day

You've probably been told at one point or another that it's good to take a break from wearing foundation to "let your skin breathe." Fundamentally, this seems like sound reasoning—after all, foundation covers up the skin and potentially clogs pores (if you aren't using a non-comedogenic formula), so taking time off from it would likely allow the skin to be in its natural state, which can only be beneficial, right? Not quite.

Quick story: When celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau moved to Texas from her previous posts in the Midwest and up north, she noticed that the quality of skin in Southern women was much better (read: smoother, firmer, more even) than women farther up the Mason-Dixon line. She was surprised by this, considering the sun is stronger as you get closer to the equator, but she eventually figured out the cause: "Many Southern women wear makeup every single day and have been for years," she explains on her blog. "It's called 'putting your face on.' In doing so, these makeup wearers had an unknown advantage dating back to the 1950s when they first started using Max Factor's pancake makeup.

"The ingredient in pancake makeup, and most makeup even used today, is titanium dioxide, which is used in sunscreen. How lucky to have been essentially wearing sunscreen long before there was even knowledge about daily UV exposure being the number one cause of premature wrinkling of the skin?" Soon after realizing this, she vowed to wear some sort of liquid foundation or mineral powder every day "no matter what." Are you surprised by this? We were too, so we tapped Rouleau for more info.