The Surprising Truth About Butter, According to a Dietitian

Butter: one of the great loves of our life, and also the bane of our existence. Like in all tumultuous relationships, we can’t deny its magnetic pull—but we also know deep down that our craving for it isn’t good for us (or so we think). We dabble in alternatives, like margarine, thinking they’ll fill our need, but we’re always left unsatisfied—and sometimes even worse off. What’s a butter-loving girl to do? Bring in an expert, that’s what. We spoke with Lauren Slayton, registered dietitian and founder of Foodtrainers, and asked her to give it to us straight: Is butter really as bad for us as we fear? Is this rollercoaster relationship in any way worth saving? Suffice it to say, we were quite surprised by her answer. Keep scrolling to find out the truth!