5 Selfie Makeup Tips From a Korean Model

Hey Byrdie readers!

I love selfies. People are loathe to admit it because they think selfies are associated with narcissism, but they’re not—they’re fun, often spur-of-the-moment, and will serve as a digital diary of how I felt as my life unfolds. And when I'm old and wrinkly, I can look back on them and say, "Not bad, Irene!" or "What was I thinking?!" 

Keep scrolling for some tips and some of my favorite selfie beauty looks…


#1: Natural Lighting Is Key

And God said, "Let there be soft natural light for selfies." I think I read that somewhere, at least. Most people take subpar selfies simply because there's not enough light. Remember: I want to see your face. Let me see it! Say “kimchi”!


#2: Go for Soft and Smoky

This is one of my favorite everyday makeup looks. I love using nude and brown tones on my eyes to create a subtle smoky eye. I bring eyeliner just along the lash line and add some mascara to create more definition. Then, I finish it off with a soft pastel pink or coral lip.


#3: It’s All in the (Cat) Eyes

Cat eyes are one of the best looks for selfies because they tend to pop in photos. Bold black liner with a pinkish lip is my go-to for special occasions or when I just want my eyes to look bigger (which is pretty much always).

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#4: Pop Your Lip

A bright pop of color on the lip and a strong brow are a match made in beauty heaven. When you die and go to beauty heaven, these two will probably be sitting next to each other. They’re both so easy to apply and totally grab the camera's attention.


#5: Go Bare

No-makeup selfies reveal confidence and honesty. I'm always done-up during shoots and events, but I like my followers to see the real me whenever possible so I can show them that behind the makeup, we're all pretty much the same.

What do you think of Kim’s selfie philosophy?

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