The “Invisible” French Manicure Trend is like Magic for Your Nails

Now you see it...

Invisible French Manicure


Classics were born to be reinvented. Take the French manicure: The look has come and gone over the years, but there’s always a new twist to play with. These days, that’s the “invisible” French manicure. “We are seeing an increase in minimalist trends everywhere and nail art is no exception,” says Morgan HaileMorgan Taylor and Gelish Brand Spokesperson and Nail Expert. “‘Invisible’ French is totally understated and incorporates a faint, barely-there look to the French manicure look. It’s simple and eye-catching at the same time.”

From lip gloss nails to supermodel manicures, minimalist nail art is clearly here to stay for 2023. “Maximalist nails had a major moment in the past few years,” says Nadine Abramcyk, Co-Founder of Tenoverten. “But in the latter half of 2022, we’ve seen more and more people gravitating towards minimalist nails. Think milky and glazed donut. The ‘Invisible’ French mani is a minimalist’s ideal approach to nail art, balancing design with chic taste.”

The Trend

The “invisible” French manicure is pretty self-explanatory. “The ‘Invisible’ French manicure is an innovative take on the classic French manicure style,” Abramcyk says. “Like any French mani, it starts with a neutral base. Instead of accenting the tip of the nail with a pop of color, it calls for a sheer finish to create a subtle arc.”

However, it can be so much more than that, since there are a few ways to play with the trend.  “Instead of a bright white on the tip of the nail, invisible French is a range of colors, finishes and design,” Haile says. “This twist is perfect for those who love a minimalist look or simply a splash of color.” Think: clear jelly tips, a sheer wash of shimmer or pastel, or a skinny line creating the illusion of a tip with negative space.

One of the best things about the “invisible” French manicure is you can let your creativity run wild. “I love how expressive the manicure can be with so little fuss,” Abramcyk says. “Whether you choose a sheer glitter embellishment for the line or play around with varying neutral shades, this minimalist design is anything but boring.”

Get the Look

It’s easy to nail a DIY job. “The ‘invisible’ French feels classic yet trendy,” Haile says. “When it comes to this nail art it’s all about the fine detail. If you like to add some length to your nails like I do, first apply Gelish Soft Gel Tips - Short Round ($9), and then use two thin coats of Morgan Taylor In The Nude Nail Lacquer ($9). Use your choice of glitter, metallic or color. Use a thin nail art brush to create the desired design.” To add a glaze finish, use Morgan Taylor Izzy Wizzy, Let’s Get Busy Nail Lacquer ($9).

Abramcyk has been alternating between Tenoverten The Anne Polish ($12) and Tenoverten The Shimmer Polish ($12) for her rendition on the “invisible” French mani. “I love the barely there pink pop the Anne gives and the faint glow of the Shimmer,” she says.

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