This Sensitive Skincare Line Is Super Instagrammable and Actually Works

Chances are if you've been scrolling through Instagram lately you've come across a vanity display or two, and if you're like us, you're taking note of the products that catch your eye. What exactly qualifies a product as double-tap worthy? While aesthetically pleasing packaging is great for a photo moment, above all, the product should work. Enter: Bliss's Rose Gold Rescue™ line.

Beyond the Instagram-approved branding, these carefully curated products are seriously effective. Perfect for more sensitive complexions, they deliver the results you'd expect from a spa experience (thanks to key ingredients such as calming rose flower water and nourishing colloidal gold) without the financial setback. The under-$20, cruelty-free and PETA certified line includes the Rose Gold Rescue™ Gentle Foaming Cleanser ($11), the Rose Gold Rescue™ Soothing Toner Mist ($10), and the Rose Gold Rescue™ Gentle Moisture Cream ($19), all free of parabens, synthetic fragrance and other harsh ingredients your skin could do without.

Opt for the toner when you need a refreshing midday pick-me-up at the office (without ruining your makeup); the cleanser to remove the day's dirt, makeup, and impurities (without drying out skin); or the moisturizer for a thoroughly hydrated complexion that's never greasy. What are you waiting for? Add all the products to your regimen now and your followers—and your skin—will thank you.