Beauty Influencers Evaluated My Instagram—Here's What I'm Doing Wrong

While there is scientific proof social media can warp your view of yourself, your life and just about everything else—I think I've somehow evaded the harrowing effects on my psyche. So, yes, I genuinely love Instagram, and quite honestly, I'm not shy about proclaiming that fact to naysayers. I think it's fun to take notice of beautiful things and photograph them (and the likes aren't so bad). So when Who What Wear editor Aemilia Madden had fashion bloggers evaluate her feed, I felt inspired and admittedly a bit jealous. I wonder what I could be doing better, I thought as I scrolled through the piece.

Then, it struck me. I can do the same thing by swapping fashion bloggers for beauty influencers, and hopefully, I'll boast better pictures at the end of it. I sent my plea to a few of my favourites, namely Rachel Nguyen of That's Chic and Sara Azani of Style MBA, hoping to garner a few helpful pointers. When it comes to Instagram, I'm happy to take constructive criticism. Below, find the five most important takeaways.

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