7 Genius Beauty Tips We Learned From Instagram Stories


Hindustan Times/Getty

In what may be the most talked-about tech reveal of 2016, Instagram introduced “Stories” to its app, allowing users to post short-lived pictures and videos to their accounts. It may not include all the features of other photo-sharing apps like Snapchat, but just like its competitor, it’s a verified goldmine of beauty tips and secrets.

Personally, as a fan of Snapchat, I was wary of Instagram Stories. But I’m happy to take beauty advice wherever I can get it—and that’s no joke. When Instagram Stories were introduced, I followed 70 new accounts… in ONE DAY. Admittedly, that may be a little overkill, but when expert tips and insider access are at stake, I can’t help it.

To save you from compromising your followers-to-following ratio, we’ve assembled a list of the best beauty lessons we’ve learned from Instagram Stories so far. Now if they would only incorporate filters (am I right, Snappers?).

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