The 18 Products I Wear When I Want to Take a Really Good Instagram Photo

I have no problem admitting that I find pure joy in getting "the shot." Everyone has different standards for what constitutes a great photo, and mine are painstakingly high. Blame it on my inner perfectionist. I'm very grateful for my friends who will literally bend over backward to make sure I get the best photo. My camera roll is over 9000 photos full, so yes, I'm pretty aware of my addiction to capturing the moment. Now, most of those photos are memories of my friends and family and me living our best lives. But a very generous amount of my camera roll is colored in row after row of selfies galore because when I find the right light, it's on. And I won't stop until I get the one.

I credit my most-liked photos on Instagram to a few key things: supremely great lighting, a lewk, and popping makeup. That triple-threat never fails me. I have never-ending storage bins of makeup, and my friends dig through my things like it's Sephora. However, I always go back to the same group of products when I know a good photo op is in my future. You can call this the "do it for the 'gram" beauty routine. Here's exactly how I get ready.