10 Important Things I Learned When I Gave Up Instagram for a Week

Social Media Use Bears Similarities to Drug Addiction”: The headline of the article blared on my computer screen during my daily morning news scroll. Alarmed, I saved it to my bookmarks to reference for this story—then promptly opened Instagram to see how many likes I had gotten on a photo I had posted of me eating pasta. The truth is, I had pitched the idea of giving up Instagram and writing about my experience over two months ago but kept pushing it back because, well, I couldn’t seem to actually give up Instagram. Every time I thought about giving it up for a week, I found myself making excuses that ranged from somewhat plausible to grandly fantastical. But how will I know if [insert name of celebrity] posts something we need to cover?” (Answer: Rely on your team members like you already do.) But what if that hot Italian waiter finally decides to DM me and profess his love instead of just watching my stories? (Answer: Respond later and also maybe take a moment to rethink the state of your romantic relationships.) But what if my friends get concerned about my lack of posting and file a missing person report, causing a statewide manhunt? (Answer: You literally text them every second of every day and also already told them about this story. Also, stop watching so much Law & Order: SVU.)

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