The Most Jaw-Dropping Instagram Braids of 2016

It's Braid Week here at Byrdie HQ, and for a full five days we've got braids on the brain. Whether you’re looking for new festival hair trends, wedding look inspo, or just jonesing to scroll through something pretty, you’ll get your braid-centric fix in this column. Hope you like!

For someone who has so little braiding aptitude, I am well-versed in the community of Instagram braiders. My feed is chockablock with plaiting wizards, like Amber Fillerup and Mimi Ikonn, and I could scroll through images of their intricate handiwork for days. There’s no hope of me re-creating them—I can’t so much as master a simple french braid—but I consider myself less a braiding student and more a braiding scholar. Like a music critic who can’t sing, if you will. 

Even though I was not blessed with the hands of a world-class braider, I want to spread the inspo far and wide. Thus, this list. Check out 15 mind-blowing IG braids below!