A Look Back at Powerful Women in the Beauty Industry

In the beauty industry, true inclusiveness is paramount but, sadly, infrequent. Scrolling through backstage images during fashion week, scanning products meant to "banish" frizz and "tame" curls, and noticing the often limited range of foundation shades prove that sentiment. Particularly given the current political climate, it's imperative to recognize this fact and work to change it.

There are so many incredible black women who have changed the beauty industry for the better—from makeup artists to entrepreneurs to scientists. There's a woman from Northampton whose mother taught her to mix eye shadow with foundation to match her skin tone, a celebrated singer who decided to stop wearing makeup because it felt like a mask. There's even the first-ever female African-American self-made millionaire. Join us in celebrating five of our favorites (and we empower you to research a few more and tell us about them in the comments below).