Kate Moss is the Muse for BCBG

Designers often quote the most obscure inspirations--Japanese horror films, rare vintage books, turn-of-the-century socialites--so it was refreshing to hear the name of a straightforward muse backstage at BCBG's spring show yesterday: Kate Moss. As makeup artist Val Garland said, "It's really the way we all want to look." Bumble and bumble hairstylist Laurent Phillipon specified exactly which Moss look the hair and makeup team was hoping to emulate: "She has a very strong sense of style but she's also a party girl--she went out and slept on her hair with all of her makeup on." To mimic that straight, messy texture, the stylists blow-dried the hair using a flat brush before "deconstructing it."

"First we're applying a bit of styling wax," Phillipon said, to separate the strands and roughen up the texture. "Then we're using a cloud of hair powder so that the powder grabs onto those pieces that were waxed and makes the hair look heavier, because a blow dry can seem a little too done."

In the meantime, Garland and her team at Temptu layered on the moisturizer to get that dewy look underneath the brand's airbrushed foundation. Not surprisingly, the slightly smudged, defined eye was the key to this look and one she says is easy to replicate: "You just need a black gel pencil and you can do it in a minute--and lots and lots and lots of mascara," she says. As for the lips, she waited until the models were lined up to pat a bit of pink and berry colors into the bottom lip "so it looks like they've just been bit."

Sounds like something Ms. Moss would endorse.