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Insider Tip: How To Use A Mascara Fan Brush

We still can’t wrap our heads around the no mascara trend for fall, but we think we may have found a compromise. Somewhere between three coats of Chanel’s Inimitable Mascara ($30) and bare lashes is the result you’ll get with a mascara fan brush. We turned to makeup artist Kayleen McAdams for details.
“A mascara fan brush deposits less color,” McAdams says. “So it’s great for applying a natural-looking lash, especially on your bottom lashes.” To start, grab your favorite mascara and a brush. McAdams’ go-to is Sephora’s Pro Visionary Lash Fan Brush #220 ($18). M.A.C. also has an option, their 205 Mascara Fan Brush ($19), or if you’re feeling fancy, try Claudio Riaz’s Lash Touch Brush ($65).
“Sweep the fan brush along the bristles of the mascara wand in a crisscross motion,” McAdams says. “This deposits a good amount of product without getting clumpy.” If you’re after fullness, start at the base of lashes, wiggling the brush back and forth. For a natural look, just brush mascara onto the length and tips, avoiding the root. Stick to the latter for your bottom lashes.<br/>Bonus? Like all makeup brushes, you’re not limited to one use. The fan is a great way to cover eyelash glue when wearing faux lashes—we've seen makeup artist Kristina Brown use Shiseido's Accentuating Cream Liner ($26) on set—or to comb clumps off wet lashes after a heavy application of mascara. It’ll last from season to season, even if your taste in natural lashes doesn’t.

M.A.C. 205 Mascara Fan Brush $18

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