Insert Name Here Has Extensions for Everyone—These Are Some of Our Faves

Three models wearing curly INH hair extensions and green dresses


Have you ever found yourself dreaming of a dramatic hair transformation, only to find that your options were a big commitment, cost a lot of money and time, or fell short of your ideal look? Perhaps hair extensions brand INH, which stands for Insert Name Here, is the solution you've been waiting for.

After college, INH founders Sharon Pak and Jordynn Wynn found themselves working in the cosmetics industry while craving something new in haircare. “Seeing celebs wear wigs and extensions on and off the red carpet made us want that same ease of versatility and transformation,” they tell Byrdie. “But getting everything we were looking for in hairpieces proved almost impossible! The hair market felt lacking in terms of quality, price, trendy options, and product education. We had a long wishlist for our dream hair—affordable, quality, not costume-y, and on trend. Wigs and hair extensions could cost hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars, and the more affordable pieces that we found were shockingly low quality.”

Knowing they weren’t alone in their wishes, the duo—along with their friend Kevin—set out to create INH so that everyone could enjoy one-of-a-kind looks with minimal time or effort. “After listening to women’s hair concerns (and experiencing a few bad hair days & products ourselves), we knew we had to do something. We wanted to make luxury hair and haircare fun, accessible, and approachable,” they say.


Founded: By Sharon Pak and Jordynn Wynn (who collectively go by Shordynn), in 2018.

Based in: Los Angeles, CA

Pricing: Most products are $40 and above.

Best known for: High-quality clip-in extensions sold in a variety of colors, lengths, and styles.

Most popular products: Chloe, Jordynn, No Fly Zone Pomade

Fun fact: Pak and Wynn came up with the name of INH while brainstorming at a Santa Monica bar until 2 a.m. (Keep reading to learn the story behind it!)

Other brands you’ll love: Lullabellz, Bellami, and Pretty Party

As if launching a new brand isn’t challenging enough, Pak and Wynn admit that coming up with a name to encompass everything they wanted their extensions brand to be was one of the most difficult parts of the process. “We wanted our name to reflect the ability to experiment with your look and express your every mood,” they share. “For us, Insert Name Here means the possibilities are endless, you can be whatever version of yourself you want that day. And with that revelation, we decided each of our products deserved their own names too.”

Since 2018, INH has grown to be one of the most popular—and trusted—affordable hair extension brands on the market. A large part of that success is thanks to the brand’s mission. “Insert Name Here grew from and will always be rooted in connection, community, positivity, and self-expression,” the duo says. “No matter where we grow from here, it will always be important to us that we remain rooted in that small but mighty team mentality that reminds us of the beauty community we fell in love with in the first place.”

Another reason for INH’s cult-fave status? The affordable clip-in extensions make wearers feel confident. “100% of women* said that their hair is important to their overall happiness and wellbeing, that they feel more confident and empowered when they feel good about their hair—and that Insert Name Here helps with that feeling,” Pak and Wynn share, referencing a survey that they conducted. 

Ready to try the trendy hair extension brand for yourself? Read on for our favorite INH products.

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Chloe Half-Up Wavy Extensions

Woman wearing Insert Name Here Chloe curly half-up extensions in dark brown
Insert Name Here Chloe Extensions $119.00

One of the most beloved INH extension sets has to be the Chloe, which includes clip-ins for both the half-up ponytail and the free-flowing hair beneath. Sold in 15 shades ranging from platinum to jet black (and including three red-tinted hues), the Chloe caters to just about every INH shopper. "Chloe is one of our all-time best-selling hair extensions," the duo says. "She’s an 18-inch half-up [style that] comes in a four-piece set (one mini ponytail and three loose spiral wefts) so there’s a lot of room for INH babes to create lots of looks. They can choose to wear all four pieces to create the traditional half up-half down look, or just wear the ponytail or long wefts alone."

Logistically, the ponytail clip-in features a wraparound velcro design to easily conceal the hair (and hair tie) beneath, and features two built-in bobby pins for added security. Meanwhile, the wefts are lace-lined so that they lay as flat as possible and are adorned with four snap comb clips on that largest of the three wefts, and three on the other two. In other words, these extensions are built to stay put.

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Jordynn Layered Curl Ponytail Extension

Insert Name Here Jordynn Ponytail Extension
Insert Name Here Jordynn Ponytail Extension $49.00

The Jordynn ponytail extension is another fan favorite. It features a mid-length, 18-inch silhouette that's layered and curled for added volume. It's available in 29 colors, including neutral shades as well as trending options like sage green and edgy dip-dyed brunettes. Like the half-up portion of the Chloe, the Jordynn ponytail extension (which is bouncy and beautiful IRL, we might add) features a wrap-around design with two built-in bobby pins. Additionally, it has a snap comb clip for added security, which helps to keep the heavier, longer extension in place throughout wear.

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No Fly Zone Pomade

Insert Name Here No Fly Zone Pomade
Insert Name Here No Fly Zone Pomade $22.00

Living in the era of ultra-sleek, Kim Kardashian-esque hairstyles, INH recently launched the No Fly Zone Pomade to help keep flyaways at bay. "No Fly Zone Pomade is only a few months old, but [it’s] quickly become one of our most popular products," Pak and Wynn say. "[The product] smooths down flyaways so nicely, and never gets greasy, crunchy, or flaky. Plus, [it's] made with a conditioning formula, so [it] actually hydrates your hair, holding back flyaways."

The No Fly Zone Pomade is available in Regular Hold and Super Hold. The former is best for fine to medium hair types, while the latter is recommended for coarse and curly hair. For the smoothest results, try using a pea-sized amount on either wet or dry hair with INH's Fly Away Brush ($5).

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Lara Extra Long and Sleek Braid Extensions

Woman wearing Insert Name Here Lara Braided Ponytail Extension in black-brown
Insert Name Here Lara Braided Ponytail Extension $54.00

Another INH product to help score a Kardashian-approved hairstyle? The Lara extra-long braided ponytail extension. Available in 17 colors and measuring 34 inches in length, the Lara is great for creating bum-grazing braids. The extensions (of which there are three to cater to braided styles) come conveniently attached to a hair tie with a separate (also attached) curled lock for concealing the hair tie itself.

As much as we love all the possibilities that the Lara presents, the one thing we're a touch wary about is the fact that hair ties have a tendency to snap after a while. Since this extension is built upon a hair tie (as opposed to being designed to wrap around a ponytail with bobby pins and snap comb clips), there's the possibility that it could prove faulty sooner than other INH products. Another thing to note? It's a bit heavy, so wearing it all day could prove tiresome. Still, for just $54, it's tough to beat.

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Shayla Extra Long Loose Spiral Ponytail Extensions

Insert Name Here Shayla Ponytail Extensions
Insert Name Here Shayla Ponytail Extension $54.00

The Shayla clip-in ponytail hair extension makes it easy to instantly upgrade your pulled-back look. Rather than a hair tie, this hairpiece features a wraparound design that has one snap comb clip and two bobby pins for extra security (and to help conceal the hair tie when you wrap it with the separate curled tendril designed for exactly that purpose). The Shayla, which is 26 inches long, is sold in 22 shades and is a great way to elevate air-dried styles or to look put together while maintaining a laid-back feel.

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Brit Extra Long Soft Wave Ponytail Extensions

Brit Ponytail Extensions in brown to light blonde ombre
Insert Name Here Brit Ponytail Extension $54.00

Prefer a smooth, preppy pony à la Elle Woods? The Brit extra-long soft wave ponytail extension is the perfect choice for you. The 26-inch extension, which is available in 23 colors, is another wraparound option, so you simply pull your hair into a high ponytail and wrap the extension around it. Start by securing the snap comb clip into the top of your pony, then wrap the piece around and use the extra curled tendril to conceal any edges and your hair tie. Secure into place with the two included bobby pins and you're good to go.

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Sharon Beachy Waves Ponytail Extensions

Woman wearing Insert Name Here Sharon long beach waves ponytail extension
Insert Name Here Sharon Ponytail Extension $54.00

Sold in 18 neutral colors, the extra-long Sharon ponytail extension is yet another wraparound clip-in that we adore. The 28-inch extension features a soft beachy wave that's perfect for casual outings and nights out alike. While you can absolutely pair it with a low ponytail, it's designed with high ponies in mind. As such, if you opt to take it low, you'll likely need to use a few more bobby pins to ensure it stays in place.

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Miley Space Buns Extensions

Insert Name Here Miley Space Buns Extensions
Insert Name Here Miley Space Buns Extensions $56.00

Whether you're going to a festival or simply love buns so much you want to rock two, the Miley space buns extensions are great to have on hand. Designed to look messy, the extensions have a tousled appearance and fit directly on top of your natural buns and clip into place. Once clipped in, simply spin the ends to your liking and pin them in place. Perfecting a space bun hairstyle has never been so easy.

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Selena Clip-In Bangs

Insert Name Here Selena Clip-In Bangs
Insert Name Here Selena Clip-In Bangs $29.00

Contemplating whether or not you should get bangs? Before making any big cuts, test out the style with INH's Selena clip-in bangs. Sold in six colors, these wispy extensions make experimenting as stress-free as possible. They come on a single snap comb clip and blend seamlessly into your natural hair (especially if you have fine hair like mine).

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Hang Here Hair Organizer

Insert Name Here Hang Hair Here Hair Organizer peach hooks
Insert Name Here Hang Here Hair Organizer $18.00

In order to keep your extensions looking their absolute best at all times, it's important to store them properly. Rather than throwing them into a random drawer or crumpling them inside the bag they come in, it's 100% worthwhile to snag an INH Hang Here Hair Organizer for each extension set you have. They'll keep the lengths of your extensions hanging freely so that they don't tangle or get any kinks while not in use.

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Never Knotty Mixed-Bristle Extensions Brush

Insert Name Here Never Knotty Extensions Brush
Insert Name Here Never Knotty Extensions Brush $25.00

Another key part of keeping extensions looking their best is knowing how to care for them. Rather than yanking through them with any brush, reach for the INH Never Knotty mixed-bristle extensions brush. It's designed specifically for extensions to keep them looking their best for weeks, months, and years on end. I love seeing this brush in my bathroom each and every morning.

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Check Mate INH Claw Clip

Insert Name Here Check Mate INH Claw Clip
Insert Name Here Check Mate INH Claw Clip $18.00

Last but not least, we'd be remiss not to mention INH's hair clips. This checkered claw clip is one of my personal favorites, as it's on par with the quality of an Emi Jay claw clip for half the price. It's sturdy, holds my long hair firmly in place, and looks amazing while doing all of the above.

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