Is Oral Care Beauty? These 13 Brands Say Yes

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Traditionally, we'd get our teeth cleaned once or twice a year. Provided the dentist found no cavities, they'd remind us to brush and floss regularly and send us home. Now, many consumers have a very different relationship with oral health. For a growing number of people, oral care has become an integral part of their beauty routine. 

A-listers show off million-dollar smiles on the silver screen and red carpet, influencers post videos flashing pearly whites, and we see ourselves on camera more than ever. "With the rise of social media and Zoom, all eyes are on our general appearances—and teeth are no exception," explains Christina Ramirez, founder of Plus Ultra

Today, the oral care market looks different than it did a decade ago. Toothbrushes resemble gilded showpieces. Toothpaste sits in sleek, display-worthy tubes or upcycled glass containers. And things like floss and mouthwash are now made with nourishing ingredients. "Natural products are now of interest to a larger segment of the population, so there's a lot more focus on eco-friendly products across oral care categories, too," Ramirez adds.

When teeth whitening became popular, it went from being an in-office treatment to something any person with a set of white strips could do at home. "Veneers and celebrities with professionally whitened teeth have contributed to the growth and interest in-home teeth whitening kits," Ramirez notes. Here's a stat to simmer on: the U.S. teeth whitening industry is expected to reach $8.6 billion this year—and that's just one piece of the booming oral care market. Needless to say, products aimed at helping consumers achieve a megawatt smile are big business. 

From sustainable oral care startups to marquee names in beauty, brands are developing exceedingly innovative products guaranteed to make you grin from ear to ear.


Zina45 Sonic Pulse Toothbrush
supersmile Zina45 Sonic Pulse Toothbrush $250.00

The splurge-worthy Supersmile Zina45 Sonic Pulse Toothbrush looks more like a rose gold art piece than oral care. The biggest selling point—besides the striking aesthetic—is the combination of a patented 45-degree brush head, four cleaning modes, and an ergonomic handle.  

Issa Play
Foreo Issa Play $49.00

Foreo—yes, the brand known for facial cleansing devices—makes an electric toothbrush that brings a little beauty to everyday brushing. Coated in smooth silicone, the modern design blurs the line between decor and dental essential. The Issa Play effortlessly fights plaque and tartar. Plus, the convenience factor is off the charts since it doesn't require regular charging. 


Toothpaste Bits
Bite Toothpaste Bits $12.00

If you're trying to do better for the planet, reducing plastic packaging is a great way to start. These clever toothpaste bits—which come in a reusable glass bottle—don't contain preservatives or fluoride, help strengthen enamel, and taste great.

Estrella Blanco $13.00

You use different face products for the AM and PM. Don't your teeth deserve the same treatment? Estrella—a holistic oral health brand founded by biological dentist Dr. David Villarreal—makes a whitening, PH-balancing, cavity-fighting nighttime toothpaste. It's powered by activated bamboo charcoal, green tea, and essential oils. Basically, it's the smile-inducing step you didn't know your nightly regimen was missing. 

Whitening Products 

Premium Teeth Whitening Strips
Plus Ultra Premium Teeth Whitening Strips $25.00

Ingredient transparency in oral care isn't really a thing. But Plus Ultra is changing that. The eco-conscious brand recently launched whitening strips that have already amassed a cult following. So, why does everyone who tries them become a convert? Because they're dentist-approved, made with eight simple ingredients, and extra gentle on sensitive teeth.

Botanical Whitening Pen
Keeko Botanical Whitening Pen $23.00

This ingenious, portable whitening pen gets pearly whites even whiter. How does it whiten teeth five shades in a week without harming enamel? The dentist-backed formula trades harsh chemicals for easy-to-pronounce ingredients, including baking soda, cranberry, aloe vera, and chamomile. 

At-Home Whitening Kit
Laughland At-Home Whitening Kit $100.00

Laughland's hero SKU is a modern teeth whitening kit. What does that mean? It's a professional-grade system that uses LED to brighten teeth sans pain or sensitivity. Oh, and you control everything through your smartphone. Think of it like the oral care equivalent of those high-tech light-therapy masks celebs always post pics wearing. 


Dental Floss
Cocofloss Dental Floss $9.00

Cocofloss is thicker and stronger than traditional satin floss. Its density gives it enhanced plaque and bacteria-busting abilities. And while deliciousness isn't the first thing most people associate with dental floss, this dentist-designed product is available in tasty flavors (like mint, vanilla, sweet pineapple, and birthday cake).

Zina Water Flosser
Supersmile Zina Water Flosser $110.00

Anyone with a $250 toothbrush probably wants the accompanying water flosser. This rose gold beauty has 360-degree tip rotation and series spray action to do away with plaque, bacteria, and food particles.


Marine Bio-active Mouthrinse
Olas Marine Bio-active Mouthrinse $24.00

Packed with sea salt, organic essential oils, CoQ10, and echinacea, a swig of OLAS Marine Bio-active Mouthrinse boots bacteria and freshens breath naturally. This minty-fresh alcohol-free formula is housed in a recycled whiskey flask and sold at The Detox Market.

Enamel Highlighter Mouthwash
vVardis Enamel Highlighter Mouthwash $25.00

Enamel isn't the sexiest topic. However, it's incredibly important. This patented mouthwash from sustainable Swiss brand vVARDIS emphasizes enamel in a way that's easy to incorporate into a regular oral care routine. The minty formula freshens breath and helps protect against decay, stains, and discoloration.

Gum Gel

Pink Gum Gel
Apa Beauty Pink Gum Gel $25.00

This expertly formulated oral gel targets a specific problem—gum health on the cellular level. The formula includes a blend of bacteria-fighting peppermint oil, inflammation-busting vitamin E, and a rejuvenating trio of extracts (lemon, cucumber, and Irish moss). 

Ozonated Happy Gum Gel
Living Libations Ozonated Happy Gum Gel $40.00

Living Libations is renowned in eco-oriented circles for its organic face, body, and wellness products. The brand's oral care offerings very much fit that footprint. A bottle of this botanical gum gel relies on oxygen and essential oils to leave your mouth happy and healthy. Its mainly used as a massage gel for gums but can also be used to bolster floss benefits or as toothpaste in a pinch.

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