13 Groundbreaking Beauty and Wellness Brands Disrupting the Industry

It's 2018. We've made huge strides—leaps and bounds, even—in technology, science, and data, so we can expect that to reflect in our beauty and wellness products, right? Not always. Toxic, overpriced items with misleading labels are still placed on shelves and into the hands of un- or misinformed consumers, and considering these products are going on (or inside) our bodies, we can't really afford to take risks.

And even though it's 2018 and inclusivity should always be at the forefront of brand strategy, it isn't. However, for the brands that are acknowledging the gray area in beauty and have answered the call for change, we wanted to give them a proper hat tip. Thankfully, there are a number of companies championing better quality all around, so we couldn't highlight all of them, but below, we're calling out a mix of beauty and wellness brands that have and continue to disrupt a saturated space.

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