You'll Never Guess Where People Are Strobing Now…

A great makeup look is all in the details. That red lip looks extra velvety thanks to a thin line of concealer blended along the outside perimeter of the mouth. That cat eye appears to tail off into a razor-sharp wing because you cleaned up the slightly smudgy edges with a cotton swab. See? Little tweaks make a big difference. 

That's what the newest trend to take over Instagram is all about: emphasizing a small part of the face in order to make a big statement. Let us introduce you to "inner-eye strobing," which, according to Refinery29, is the most foolproof way to add an element of cool to your makeup routine. It involves a super-shimmery highlighter or bright pastel shadow being placed on the inner corner of the eye to add an unexpected element to an otherwise traditional face of makeup. Keep scrolling to see interpretations of this trend that will majorly inspire you!

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