TikTok's Inner Eye Liner Trend Is Giving the Classic Wing a Run for Its Money

It's *so* easy to achieve.

Dua Lipa Inner Corner Eyeliner

Dua Lipa

When considering the term "makeup magic," few product types can conjure up a wizardly metamorphosis like eyeliner. It's one of those game-changing products that can genuinely transform your face, making your eyes bigger, smaller, wider, or more sparkly, depending on how it's applied. Plus, with plenty of color and formula (liquid or pencil is an age-old debate) choices, the options are endless.

There's a reason every drugstore, department makeup counter, and indie beauty outlet always has this product in stock, and over the past few years, we've seen TikTok breathe new life into the classic with an uptick in liner trends, ranging from the bat wing and floating liners to graphic double-wing look. The latest liner trend to take TikTok by storm? Inner corner eyeliner, which offers the illusion of an elongated eye shape. 

The Inspiration

Popularized by social media—and shows like Euphoria—the 'siren eye' trend has become the dramatic go-to for TikTokers and celebrities alike. As makeup artist, Allison Kaye puts it, "siren eyes are a smoked out, elongated eyeliner look that gives a sultry vibe." The siren eye features liner or eyeshadow that starts on the upper lash line and extends past the eye in both directions, with an upward wing on the outer portion of the eye and a downward swoop on the inner corner to create an almond shape in the eye area.  

The Trend

While siren eyes provide a heavy dose of drama by lining the eye's inner and outer corners—making it especially suitable for nighttime looks — inner eye liner is a little more playful. Celebrity makeup artist Nydia Figueroa reveals, "inner eyeliner is different from siren eyes because it solely focuses on creating a thin sharp line in the inner corners of your eyes towards the bridge of your nose with liquid liner." Figueroa notes that inner eyeliner is great for anyone looking to elongate their eye shape with little effort, and makeup artist Judi Gabbay adds that inner liner can smolder and define the eye. 

The Hype

People on TikTok have gravitated towards the inner liner look as a softer and more wearable way to achieve an elongated eye shape without going full siren. Luckily, you can wear the look during the night or day since it provides the same definition as a siren eye without the heaviness of a full-lid look.

Many people have been wearing the liner look in combination with a wing to achieve an elongated shape without added heaviness. Some pair this take with a fairly neutral lid to add depth to their daytime glams. And it makes sense—the inner corner liner trend is typically shorter than a siren eye look, making it easier to wear in everyday life.

How to Create an Inner Corner Liner Look

Although this liner can add an intricate edge to your eye makeup, it's super simple to recreate with products you likely already have at home. "This look can be done with any liner, and you may have to combine a few. For example, if you want the inner corner to have a sharp 'V' you'll want to use a liquid liner," mentions Kaye. "For looks where you are simply connecting the liner in the inner corner and keeping it on the waterline, a waterproof pencil liner would be better as those tend to stay best in someone's waterline." 

All makeup artists note that drawing on an inner liner is similar to creating a traditional wing on the outer corner of the eye in that it follows the natural lines of your upper and lower lashes. First, grab your liner of choice and start by dragging your liner from the tear duct in a direction that flows with your upper lash line. Then, create another thin line that connects with that one from your waterline. After that, fill in the area with your eyeliner. 

Figueroa shares her trick for liner newbies: "if it's hard for you to get the precision, you can start off with powder and use that as a guideline [for your liquid liner]."

If you want to add some shock factor to this look, you can amp up the liner by fully connecting it to the upper lash line or create an editorial look by connecting it to your waterline. When done, Figueroa says, "you can take the ANISA Beauty Eye Pinnacle Detail Brush ($26) to clean up any mistakes and create a sharp and crisp line."

This look is pretty simple to create with most eye shapes, but if you have deep-set eyes, listen up. "A great way for someone to achieve this look with deep-set eyes is by holding the inner corner of your eyes and stretching it flat so you can create the line," Figueroa explains. After that, you can let go of the eye and use the line you drew as a guide to ensure that everything stays even. 

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