Meet the Online Beauty Shops You've Never Heard Of


Karen Rosalie for The Chriselle Factor

Where would we be without the Internet? Getting lost and having to ask strangers for directions (shudder), settling for a subpar taco restaurant when there’s a five-star spot right around the corner (pre-Yelp), writing letters… The world was a dark place indeed. Though there are many things that have changed since the rise of the Internet, none has as much impact on the way we consume and purchase than online shopping. Now we can order anything (from $1000 purses to sketchy couches to an entirely new skincare regimen) with just a click of a button. When it comes to beauty, we have our go-to stalwarts when we’re feeling click-happy: (where we will never tire of reading the user reviews),, and rank high on our list. But there’s a whole other world of online beauty shops out there, shops that carry exquisite French creams, shops that prove natural is indeed the epitome of chic, and many, many more.

Ahead, you’ll find five magical, expertly curated shopping sites to indulge your beauty addiction. We hope they help you discover new favorites—or at the very least give you an excuse to take a longer lunch break. Warning: Spending may ensue.

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