Cool-Girl Skincare Brands You Can Buy at the Drugstore

Among the drugstore aisles of cold medicine and candy bars is a beauty mecca where we can get our hands on everything from Kendall Jenner's favorite shampoo to the foundations celebrity makeup artists swear by. Regardless of our beauty regimen, there's at least one drugstore item in rotation at all times.

While we'll always have a soft spot for the classics, over the past few years we've seen newer, under-the-radar brands taking over the shelves—and only the die-hard beauty aficionados have taken note. From the name behind the body oil that made one editor's legs glisten like Gisele's to another that tamed her oily skin, these are the indie brands you've likely overlooked in your quest to restock on your Dove Beauty Bars. Not to worry—we've rounded up seven skincare brands you can find at your local drugstore and are totally worthy of shelf space in your medicine cabinet. Trust us on this one.

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