Cool-Girl Skincare Brands You Can Buy at the Drugstore

Among the drugstore aisles of cold medicine and candy bars is a beauty mecca where we can get our hands on everything from Kendall Jenner's favorite shampoo to the foundations celebrity makeup artists swear by. Regardless of our beauty regimen, there's at least one drugstore item in rotation at all times.

While we'll always have a soft spot for the classics, over the past few years we've seen newer, under-the-radar brands taking over the shelves—and only the die-hard beauty aficionados have taken note. From the name behind the body oil that made one editor's legs glisten like Gisele's to another that tamed her oily skin, these are the indie brands you've likely overlooked in your quest to restock on your Dove Beauty Bars. Not to worry—we've rounded up seven skincare brands you can find at your local drugstore and are totally worthy of shelf space in your medicine cabinet. Trust us on this one.

Fig + Yarrow

Fig + Yarrow Rose Clay Mask $23

Detox your skin with this gentle yet effective mask made with French rose and clay. Together, the main ingredients draw out impurities and allow refreshed skin to glow.

Fig + Yarrow Foaming Cleanser Palmarosa $39

Skip the sulfate and add some activated charcoal to your skincare regimen with this light foaming cleanser. The uplifting scent of palmarosa is a dream and makes washing your face a treat.


Avène Thermal Spring Wanter $19

Avène is a European drugstore staple with a history dating back hundreds of years, but it gained cult status in the '70s when it was acquired by the second-largest pharmaceutical company in France. In the '90s, Avène rolled out a full skincare line using its signature Thermal Spring Water and opened a hydrotherapy center connected to the actual spring where its famous water was sourced. Luckily, its skin-soothing products, beautifully packed in white bottles and tubes—which models like Louise Follain are obsessed with—are available at drugstores stateside, so we can all enjoy a piece of Avène's fountain of youth.

Avène Cleanance Cleansing Gel $20

This innovative soap-free cleanser removes makeup and impurities without irritation and keeps oil at bay using the ingredient Monolaurin. And, of course, this light emulsion is also infused with Avène's thermal spring water.

Avène Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream $28

Whether you have a minor cut or severely cracked skin from the weather or a laser treatment, look no further than this recovery cream to speed up healing time and prevent scarring. Made with copper sulfate, zinc, and sucralfate—the gold standard for skin repair according to Avène—it also helps protect the affected from any secondary infections.


Lumene Valo Overnight Bright Sleeping Cream $15

Lumene's history lies in the Arctic, where there are long dark winters and a burst of summer sunshine. Plants in the Arctic and Nordic regions are resilient and powerful due to the extreme climates. Because of this, they produce high concentrations of nutrients and antioxidants, which the brand has used for over 40 years to create a line of results-driven skincare. The Valo line is one of our favorites—it's the brightening collection infused with various ingredients like vitamin C, cloudberry, and hyaluronic acid to deliver skin that looks lit-from-within gorgeous. This year, Lumene relaunched with updated packaging and model Suvi Ruggs as the face, hoping to further spread the message of Nordic beauty.

Lumene Valo Beauty Drops $24

Get a potent dose of vitamin C with these individual capsules. Each one also contains Arctic cloudberry and lingonberry to work alongside for a blend that will have you waking up to gorgeously bright skin. 

Lumene Valo Day Moisturizer SPF 15 $19

You can't go wrong with an SPF-infused moisturizer. Not only will this formula keep skin hydrated all day long, but it also contains cloudberry seed oil and light-reflecting pigments for an instant glow.

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