The 13 Coolest Products We Found at L.A.'s Indie Beauty Expo

Imagine a massive, echoing, high-ceilinged room packed to the walls with booths upon booths of under-the-radar beauty brands, all with their coolest wares on display and ready for sampling—a Costco of the coolest beauty products, if you will. Chances are, whatever you're seeing in your mind's eye probably resembles the Indie Beauty Expo, an annual convention event highlighting the best indie beauty brands in North American and beyond. This year's event took place in both New York and Los Angeles—and it most definitely called for a Byrdie editor field trip. (It's a tough gig, we know.)

You can also probably imagine that we left with all kinds of swag and product samples, not to mention dozens of phone memos of the coolest items we wanted to investigate further—from a face peel that instantly removes the dead skin from your face (so gross, in the coolest way) to detox supplement powders that we'll be dumping into our smoothies pronto, there are quite a few products we still can't stop talking about.

Keep reading to see our favorite finds!

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