This Incredible New Drugstore Brand Needs to Be on Your Radar

Updated 01/28/18
incredible review

INC.redible is set to shake up the drugstore makeup scene. The new affordable brand (prices start at £8) is the brainchild of Thea Green, founder of Nails Inc. While Nails Inc is all polish, INC.redible is zeroing in on lips, at least for now.

The range is extensive with products including iridescent lip gloss “In a Dream World,” liquid matte lip paint “Matte My Day” and full coverage metallic matte lip paint “Foiling Around,” to name a few.

Byrdie's Deputy Editor Shannon Peter has already had a sneak peek at the products, launching today, and has a couple of favourites. "In a Dream World are that '90s-esque plump lacquer kind of gloss, but the colours are so sheer, which makes them super flattering," she says. "The Lip Trippin lipsticks are incredibly holographic and sparkly (they have a surprisingly flattering green shimmer), making them more of a statement lip."

INC.redible has enlisted four influencers for the launch: Nyané Lebajoa (@nyane), Vivian V. (@viviannn_v), Carrington Durham (@carringtondurham) and Leyla Rose (@makeupbylayla), who are modelling the products in the campaign (pictured above and below).

We caught up with Green to find out more about her new venture, why lips are having such a beauty moment, the products she reckons are set to sell out, plus her advice for entrepreneurs. 

incredible review

BYRDIE UK: Why did you initially decide to launch with all lips?

THEA GREEN: I wanted to launch an innovative cosmetic range. There is so much fun you can have with lips, just like nail there is an opportunity to experiment with different formats, effects and high pigment colour. [We'll] move into a full cosmetics range in the spring and will be adding to the range continuously just like we do at Nails inc. We just want to create INC.redible products that our customers love to wear. 

BYRDIE UK: What sets INC.redible apart from other affordable makeup brands?

TG: Innovation. We didn't want to just launch our best-selling nail colours in lip—that would be fine but too easy and not what are customers would expect from us. INC.redible is everything that Nails Inc. should be in cosmetics. INC.redible will lead not follow, but just like Nails Inc. in a really wearable everyday way.

BYRDIE UK: You're offering matte but also metallics and gloss. Do you feel people are diversifying away from the matte lip look? 

TG: Mattes are great and still super relevant but gloss is making quite the comeback. 

We see lip effects like our In a Dream World collection as being a really key trend. I love the foil lip trend, and we have created wearable foils in copper, red and rose gold. 

BYRDIE UK: How and why did you choose your INC.credible girls?

TG: I love our INC.redible girls. They are all positive, proactive and inclusive, and that's what we stand for, being your most INCredible self. They all have different favourite products, and most importantly they wear them in their own way.

As a young new brand, we will be completely transparent, so we want to work with as many people as possible and incorporate their feedback into the ranges.

BYRDIE UK: What do you predict will be the cult hero buy from the range? The product you predict will sell out?

TG: The feedback on Jelly Shot, the lip quenchers, and In a Dream World has been pretty fantastic, but we have also had great comments on Pushing Everyday and Mattes. For me, either Jelly Shot or In a Dream World.

BYRDIE UK: Any shades you think will do particularly well across the whole brand?

TG: The iridescent unicorn inspired shades. Lip Trippin in Busy Unicorning and Rainbow Chasing (£8 each), as well as In a Dream World in Rainbow Hooves and Crazy Moves and 99% Unicorn, 1% Badass (£8 each).

INC.redible Lip Trippin in Busy Unicorning $8
INC.redible In a Dream World in Rainbow Hooves and Crazy Moves $8
INC.redible Lip Trippin in Rainbow Chasing $8
INC.redible In a Dream World in 99% Unicorn, 1% Badass $8

BYRDIE UK: It appears that there are shades to suit all skin tones. How important was that to you when creating INC.redible?

TG: That's everything. It's for everyone. I don't know how to do it any other way. 

BYRDIE UK: You've worked in beauty for a long time. How has the industry changed over the years, especially recently?

TG: I think beauty right now is at its most exciting. We can all access so much content, and everything is global. You see a trend on Instagram and 24 hours later it's delivered to your door. This era is very exciting for entrepreneurial brands that are nimble, first to market and the real innovation drivers. 

BYRDIE UK: What inspires you, and how do you come up with your product ideas?

TG: Everything. Fashion, lifestyle, seeing girls on the street and how they interpret luxury trends, something a friend is wearing, the colour of a linen in a restaurant! The day I stop feeling inspired is the day it’s time to hang up the makeup bag.

BYRDIE UK: You were so young when you started Nails Inc. What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs today?

TG: Go for it. People tell you it's hard, but so what? If you have a great idea and a solid plan, just get on with it. You can't know it all when you start—I am not sure you ever do—but you learn throughout. 

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