Beyond Fenty: 10 Beauty Brands That Stand for Inclusivity

Without a doubt, 2017 was the year of Fenty Beauty. Rihanna singlehandedly shook up the beauty industry when she announced her brand would be dropping 40 different foundation shades for all skin tones. Struggling to find the right foundation shade to match the intricacies of dark skin tones has been the story many women of color share throughout the years. So when a mainstream brand like Fenty Beauty decided to prioritize a curation of foundation colors for all complexions on the spectrum, it sparked a shift in the makeup industry. Time magazine awarded Fenty with the best invention of the year for its inclusive foundation line. “It was important that every woman felt included in this brand,” Rihanna explained to Time. “We are all so different, with our own unique skin tones, so we started with the 40 foundation shades out the gate.” This revolutionary time in beauty made other brands realize that diversity is a priority, rather than an afterthought.

After Fenty, more and more mainstream brands began expanding their shade range. Fenty set the standard and other brands decided to follow suit. Although Rihanna's role in this transformational time of beauty is unrivaled, it's important to pay homage to beauty brands that have had inclusivity in their DNA since the beginning. Many of the below brands are genderless and have an outstanding amount of shades for all. Ahead are the makeup lines that are rooted in representation and deserve all the praise.