The 13 Beauty Products We Never Fly Without

Show me someone who actually enjoys flying and you'll have shown me a unicorn. Personally, more often than not, the entire flying process is atrocious. There's the mile-long security line, TSA rummaging through my things, the likelihood of having to do a surprise bag-check once I hand in my boarding pass, cramped seats—I could go on. And then, once you're in-flight, you could lose up to one and a half liters of water from the lowered cabin air pressure and humidity. Just kicking you when you're down, right? But while we might not be able to control airport conditions or a less-than-cozy plane situation, we can control the fate of our skin (to some extent). And because we fly so often as beauty editors, we've found just the right hydrating skincare carry-on essentials (in addition to chugging bottles of water, of course) so we can step off the jet bridge glowing and ready to take on our new destinations.