I've Flown 16 Times This Year—These Are the Products I Never Travel Without


Faith Xue

As a beauty editor, a good amount of my job involves travel. Whether it’s going to the northernmost part of Finland to learn about the skin-saving benefits of mushrooms or just across the coast to L.A. to celebrate a fine-fragrance launch, I’ve gotten used to having my carry-on half packed (or rather, never fully unpacked) and always at the ready. This also means that I’ve got my in-flight beauty routine down to a science. My skin type is combination veering on oily and can be best described as fussy and unpredictable. Some days I’ll go weeks with glowing, balanced skin, and sometimes the smallest thing—like eating too much cheese at dinner (sad)—can cause me to wake up with dull-looking texture and surprise spots. Needless to say, long flights are not my friend. If I skip my in-flight beauty routine, I’ll arrive at my destination with a T-zone that resembles an oil slick (the airplane air dries out my skin and forces it to overproduce oil—here’s a scary visual). It’s not a pretty sight, so to combat that, I’ve relied on a few key products to keep my hydration levels up during my flight and my skin looking bouncy and fresh when I land. From an invisible sheet mask to makeup-melting wipes, keep scrolling to see the 10 in-flight beauty products I never travel without. 

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