"Illuminated Brunette" Is the Most Popular Hair Color in Brazil—Here's Why

Just like how Korean girls are known for their "glass skin" and French girls are known for their chic makeup style, Brazilian girls are known for their long, shiny, and sun-kissed hair. For proof, just think of the multitude of hair salons that offer Brazilian blowouts or Brazilian keratin treatments. Both are meant to make lackluster hair look bouncy and healthy à la Brazilian supermodels Gisele Bündchen and Alessandra Ambrosio.

While proper haircare and styling methods are key to achieving long and luscious Brazilian-inspired hair, there's a new color trend hailing from the South American country that might help. According to Refinery29, it's called "illuminated brunette," and it's a tropical take on traditional brunette hair. In fact, it mimics the natural highlights that might result from a sunny São Paulo beach vacation. Keep scrolling to see Brazil's buzziest hair color trend.