Ilianna Ayala Shares How She Keeps Her Skin and Mind Healthy From PM to AM

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Ilianna holding ANR

Welcome to PM to AM, a series about developing a healthy routine in the evening and morning. Created in partnership with Estée Lauder, Byrdie is talking to some of our favorite tastemakers about their rituals and routines on both sides of sleep.

When your days are filled with photoshoots and castings, the way they are for plus-size model and influencer Ilianna Ayala, what you do for your skin in the morning and evening is vital. “I wear makeup ALL the time for gigs. Being that I have dry skin and am in front of the camera a lot, my skin needs to look and feel great,” Ayana says.
But a PM to AM routine isn’t just about maintaining appearances. The moments on both sides of sleep are an opportunity for Ayala to claim some time for herself, helping her relax after a long day and giving her plenty of energy to take on the next. To celebrate Estée Lauder’s New Advanced Night Repair serum, we asked her for a rundown of her evening and morning rituals, hoping that it might give us some more ideas on how to keep our skin and mind healthy. Ayala delivered insights that should come in handy, even if you don’t spend quite as much time on camera.

BYRDIE: In what ways do you take time for yourself? And why is it important to take these moments for yourself at night and in the morning? 

ILIANNA AYALA: My skincare and makeup routine are my “me time”. I really enjoy the process! In the morning, I make sure that I give myself a lot of time before getting the day started. I hate feeling rushed, it's not the way I would want to start my day. I take time prepping my skin for what’s to come. At night, I have to unwind and doing my several step skincare routine calms me.

BYRDIE: Tell me about your evening routine. 

IA: At night, after I take a long hot shower I go into my skincare routine. I use a toner followed by a vitamin C serum. I let my skin soak it in and then I go in with Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum for that extra dose of hydration and lastly, apply a thick moisturizer, because I am very dry. After I do my skincare routine, the night is left for me to unwind. I make sure to take all my vitamins and I normally binge watch a show with my fiancé. 

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair
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BYRDIE: Tell me about your morning routine. 

IA: When I wake in the morning, I immediately go to the bathroom to start my day. I wash my face with a light cleanser and rinse with cool water to wake me up. I then apply a retinol oil followed by Advanced Night Repair which adds instant radiance to my skin. Lastly I apply a moisturizer that has SPF, minimum of 35 because protecting my skin is a must! Depending on my work schedule I either follow up with my makeup routine or rock a bare face. After I am done with both, I go and walk my dog Zeus. My time with my dog really helps me get into a good mood. I am such a dog mom! When I get back home, I make coffee for both my fiance and myself. My coffee time is extremely important to me. It’s the time where I sit down and just mentally prepare myself for the day. Something about a nice hot cup of coffee makes me feel so relaxed.

Ilianna Ayala

BYRDIE: How does your personal morning and nighttime routine help set up your day and make you feel energized / relaxed ? How has it benefited you to maintain these routines?

IA: If I look good, I feel good. Both my morning and night time routine allows me to feel my best self. The moments I take for myself allow me to get grounded and relaxed.