15 Nontoxic Beauty Buys From iHerb, My New Favorite Natural Beauty Shop

Are you shopping at iHerb yet? We weren't until recently, and good goddess, we're hooked: If you're into affordable natural beauty, this site will be like heaven for you. iHerb is basically Amazon meets the Whole Foods beauty section. The online retailer offers over 30,000 products, from makeup and haircare to skincare, supplements, and other beauty and wellness goodies from over 1200 organic and nontoxic brands like EcoTools, Now Foods, and Thayers, plus some other cool natural lines you might not have heard of. But the coolest part is that iHerb offers impossibly good deals on all its products, so a face serum you might buy for $30 at a health-food store might only be $18 at iHerb. Order over $20 worth of goods (which is easy to do, let me tell you), and two-day shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. is free. As we said, iHerb is a natural beauty guru's paradise. 

Talking about all the incredible items iHerb has to offer would fill a novel, so for now, we'll just start with skincare. We combed its skin department to find 15 products (from serums to cleansers) that you should know about—and they're all under $30. Keep scrolling for an introduction to iHerb's skincare section. We dare you not to buy something.