6 Fascinating Skincare Secrets From Real Icelandic Women

Here at Byrdie HQ, we have a crush on pretty much the entire country of Iceland. Whenever we stumble across a gorgeous landscape on Instagram, invariably it's from someone's trip to the Westfjords (Icelandic vacations have become seriously trendy as of late, and we're feeling all the FOMO).

But to us beauty junkies, what's even more alluring than the scenery is the flawless skin that seems to grace the entire population. We assume that genetics play a big role, but the international beauty aficionados in us suspect that there are hidden skincare habits and products helping to keep Icelandic complexions so even-toned and clear.

As it turns out, Iceland's harsh climate and travel-centric lifestyle don't provide the best conditions for skin.

"As I travel a lot, I can feel my skin get a shock every time I go from warm countries to cold, like Iceland," Reykjavik-based blogger Jennifer Berg (@jenniferbergp) told us. "And the wind here is very strong and cold so my skin gets very dry."

But Icelandic women have brilliant ways of battling the elements. Keep scrolling to find out their six best tips for flawless skin!

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Opening Image: Silja Magg for Glamour Iceland